A Letter To Our Fans

Dear Overwatch Community,

I am deeply sorry for the embarrassment I have brought to Blizzard, the Overwatch League, the Fusion, and my team members through my boosting.  I want to start this letter by thanking you for allowing me to be a part of the Overwatch League despite my past mistakes.  I am not writing to deny the allegations of my boosting, but instead I hope to provide some context for why I made the mistakes that I did, and explain how I plan to make up for those mistakes moving forward.

I engaged in boosting activity on the Korean ladder during competitive seasons 4 and 5, and in doing so violated the Blizzard End User License Agreement.  When I started boosting, I was not in a very good place financially or emotionally.  I had just quit high school because I did not feel any satisfaction from my studies, and I felt pressure to bring in money to my family to help support them.  Although I had various opportunities with some tier 2 teams in the Korean pro scene, none of those opportunities had been very promising - so I believed my chances of going pro in Overwatch were basically zero.  Additionally, I had experienced a high level of throwers and trolls in my games, and that made me feel frustrated with the state of competitive overwatch.  I knew a few boosters from the Korean scene, and because I felt my life had no big chances for success, I decided to contact them and see if I could make a little money by boosting. But I know all of these reasons can’t justify my boosting activity. I harmed other people in the act of earning money. I should have thought about the right way to make money,  but I didn’t, and I sincerely regret that. I don’t want to make any excuse about my boosting. Boosting activity was completely my fault and at the time I didn’t have any serious concerns about that. I can’t make up for all my misdeeds in this letter, but I want to apologize again to all people who were harmed by me.

I played as a booster myself, and helped coordinate other people I knew were boosters - the money I received for these actions helped me contribute to my family’s financial situation.  I could have tried other ways to make money that did not hurt other players, but I did not step back and consider the morality of my actions - I only thought about the financial gain boosting would bring to me and my family.  I see now that my own actions of boosting were part of the competitive issues I was frustrated with.  I was a part of the problem, and I regret my contribution to that problem on all levels.  I am very sorry for engaging in boosting activity, and I am sorry for directly hurting the experience of other players in the games where I was boosting.

But now I am in a very different time in my life. Over the past few months I have had a few different opportunities to scrim with different pro teams, and those scrims renewed my love for Overwatch.  Playing in the competitive environment with amazing players and coaches during tryouts made me realize that playing Overwatch professionally is what I want to do with my life - I want to compete and make my fans proud to be my fans.  When I was given a trial for the Fusion, I was very excited.  I know that many other talented and well respected players, both Korean and Western, tried out for the tank position on Philly - and I do not take the fact that I was chosen over them lightly.  The chance to play in the Overwatch League, to come to America and learn English and learn about the culture, means so much to me and my family.  I promise to you and my team that I will not waste this amazing opportunity.  When I told my parents about my contract with the Fusion they told me how lucky I was to have the chance to play professionally despite my past misdeeds.  My mother said this was the first job that really motivated me and would make me happy - so no matter what challenges I faced because of my past I should persevere and not give up my dream of being a pro player.  

I have spent the past few weeks reading the comments on reddit & inven, and I see that many Overwatch fans and players do not think I am a person of integrity because of my past actions.   I understand why you have doubts about me, I have done bad things and that is all you have seen of me - but soon I will have a chance to show the world the good things about me.  I am a hard worker, I am a loyal teammate, and I am a competitor.  I hope that when I come to America I can show you who I really am, and maybe you can resolve your doubts about me before the season is over.  I owe so much to the Fusion for giving me a second chance, and I want to start competing for them as soon as possible.  

SuMin “SADO” Kim
(Translated by Se-Hwi Go & Ethan Spector)

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