Fusion University Hometown Hero

Fusion University has saved one spot for a Hometown Hero from Philadelphia! On Saturday, February 17, we will hold a showcase for local Overwatch players to put their talents on display as Fusion staff and FU players observe. This round robin tournament will allow players to show off their skills with one lucky person receiving a contract offer from Fusion University.



Players will register in advance and will be placed into teams of six by Fusion staff.
Invitations will be emailed by:  February 14, 2018

Must be at least 13 years of age to be eligible and participants under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Proof of residency in Greater Philadelphia Area required

Must be in good standing with Blizzard.  

Must have no other esports organization affiliations.

Registration closes February 10, 2018

Showcase Format

Location: N3rd Street Gamers' Localhost Arena in Philadelphia (908 North Third St)
Event Check-in starts at 9AM - February 17, 2018

  • All matches will be streamed live on Fusion Twitch Channel.
  • Sixteen team & single elimination tournament.
  • Four rounds, with the first round being split into two blocks.
  • Each match will be best of 3 - After each match the players/staff spectating will merge the two teams to form the strongest possible 6 man team out of the 12 players, repeating this process until we have the strongest team at the end of 4 rounds.
  • Hometown Heroes All-star team will play Fusion University Team.
  • One player will be selected from all participants to receive a Fusion University contract offer.



1.1 Eligibility. To be able to compete as a “Player,” you must:
1.1.1 be in good standing with respect to any Battle.Net accounts registered in your name, with no undisclosed violations of the Blizzard End User License Agreement;
1.1.2 be over the age of thirteen as of February 14, 2018
1.2 Player names. Players must use an acceptable name in competition.


2.1 Teams. Teams will be determined via the Tournament Administration prior to the start of a match.
2.1.1 Tournament Administration will review and/or change team rosters following a match.


3.1 Map Rotation. The Map Pool will be predetermined. Tournament Administration reserves the right to change the Map Pool at any time. The Map Rotation is as follows:
3.1.1 Best of 3 Game Set: Control, Hybrid, Escort
3.2 Match Settings. Matches will be played on the “Competitive” Ruleset, with Skins and Kill Cam disabled.
3.2.1 Sprays, Emotes, and Golden Guns are allowed.
3.2.2 Control maps will be set to “Score to Win: 2”.
3.3 Initial Map Choice. Map 1 for each Match will be selected by Tournament Administration.
3.4 Side Decisions. The starting side will be determined via a coin flip.
3.5 Pause Time. Pauses are only available to teams in extreme circumstances, such as technical or network issues. Tournament Administration should be notified of reasons for the pause and will determine the proper actions forward to resolve paused matches.
3.5.1 Maximum Pause Time. Tournament Administration will allow a maximum of 10 minutes of pause time and 3 pauses per Map. Teams must resolve the issue within that time. Failure to resolve the issue will result in the continuation of the map as normal.


4.1 Results. Tournament Administration will be responsible for confirming and recording all map and match results in real time.
4.2 Break Time. In cases where breaks or delays between matches and maps are necessary, Tournament Administration will inform the appropriate Team members as soon as feasible. Updates will also be provided to Teams as soon as available


5.1 Teams are expected to play at their best at all points during any match and will maintain behaviors consistent with the principles of good sportsmanship, honesty, and fair play. Tournament Administration maintains the sole right in judgement for violations of these rules and standards of integrity for competitive play. Unfair conduct includes but is not limited to the following conduct:
5.1.1 Best Ability. Participants must compete to the best of their ability at all times.
5.1.2 Collusion. Participants shall not conduct or promote any act of collusion. Collusion is any agreement among two or more Participants to disadvantage opposing Participants.
5.1.3 Match Fixing. Participants shall not offer, conspire or attempt to influence the outcome of a match by any means other than competitive play.
5.1.4 Hacking. Participants shall not conduct or promote any act of hacking or modifying the Overwatch game.
5.1.5 Cheating. Cheating will not be tolerated. It is each Participant’s responsibility to know and understand the rules as they exist during the Tournament period. Any form of cheating will not be tolerated. If Tournament Administration determines that a Player is cheating or otherwise interfering with the Tournament, that individual will be immediately disqualified and removed from the Tournament. Players may be requested to install software on their computers for the duration of the Tournament which is specially designed to detect cheating. Examples of cheating would include, without limitation: Actions to maliciously intentionally alter, or attempt to alter, the results of any match, including losing a match to advance one Team or another Team’s position in the Tournament; Attempts to interfere with another person’s connection to the Game service through Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) or any other means; and Playing or allowing another person to play on a Battle.net account registered in someone else’s name.

*Greater Area Philadelphia is defined as the following counties:

PA:  Philadelphia, Delaware, Montgomery, Bucks, Chester, Berks, Lehigh, Lancaster, Lebanon, York, Dauphin, Perry, Cumberland, Adams, Franklin

NJ:  Cape May, Atlantic, Burlington, Cumberland, Salem, Gloucester, Camden

DE:  New Castle, Kent, Sussex